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"Energy is everywhere"-this is what is taught by science. "Energy analysis" is a technique through which the negative energy in/around the business area/office is sensed, analyzed and removed by using various methods and is replaced with positive energy which leads to increasing the success rate of the business.

The common man is facing many difficulties and crises in his life. Everyone is trying to overcome the difficulties, shortages, troubles and live a peaceful and safe life. Everyone tries everything for the same; Which often leads to frustration. Most of these efforts fail. Not everyone finds the solution to his problems.

The crises in a person's life are often on the level of financial, health, relationships, mental, physical. Every level needs a dedicated solution. It takes a lot of patience.

Solving these problems technically costs a lot of time and money. All of this is not possible for everyone and there is no guarantee of success. Thinking about all this, I realized that instead of rushing out to solve any problem, I wanted to work where the root of the problem lies. That is, trying to find them within yourself. Saints and sages have always told us the reason for all the achievements that make the mind happy. Our mind is very powerful. In order to be utilized efficiently, it needs to be stable.

There are many ways to stabilize the mind. Meditation also stabilizes the mind. But it all takes time. Most importantly, it requires consistency. It results in stable mind, less number of thoughts, negativity reduces, thus increasing positive thoughts. The same thoughts take root in your subconscious mind and change your life from inside out. But if it lacks consistency, it can fail. For this, it is necessary to do to take actions which will solve and reduce problems without using much money, time or physical effort. Then the valuable stock of hymns given by saints and sages can be useful. Every word used in those psalms has been studied. Shri Ramraksha Stotra is one of the most valuable hymns, whose vibrations have positive effect on the human mind, body, home environment, karmic accumulation and so on. Shri Ram is the favorite deity of Indians. Shri Gondwalekar Maharaj has told us the importance of chanting "Ram". Ramraksha stotra provides a shield, which has a great effect on the body, mind and atmosphere, and thus it is recited with faith every evening in many Indian homes.

But reciting it is not just about having faith. If the mind is engaged in negative thoughts while reciting it, it will not be able to produce the right result. Then I realized that no matter how hard I tried, my mind was constantly drawn towards negativity. It is difficult to control such a mind. But if this mind is in a relaxed state, it is possible. In sleep the mind is in a state of complete relaxation. In sleep, our subconscious mind is more active. hence, positive thinking few minutes before going to bed will reach the subconscious mind immediately.

I did an experiment to verify this. I started reciting Ramraksha for a few minutes before going to bed. The first few days were enthusiastically done regularly by me. But then, when I was under stress at work, I started having irregular recitations at night. So when I read it, I didn't get the result.

Then I started looking for alternatives and realized that the best results are obtained if the subconscious mind continues to provide positivity while the subconscious mind is working at night. But it was impossible to recite Ramraksha while sleeping at night. Then I thought about it a lot and I found an option that was easy, I didn't have to set aside time for it, regularity was automatic, and most importantly, the positive wave of Ramraksha's words easily reached the subconscious mind at night.

Within a few days, I started to get better results. My thinking started to change, my mind started to stabilize, my habits started to change, I started to become positive and other levels of my life also started to have good results. I took the first batch to see if it benefited others and to what extent. I guided them with the same steps that I had followed. I also use some healing techniques for participants. The combined effect of all this has led to a change in the mindset, attitude, and levels of life of each of the participants. Some changed their nature, some changed their attitude towards problems, some started their business. It can benefit people of all ages. For this, you don't have to do anything like pooja, chanting, meditation, going to the temple. For this, there is no restriction of eating, space, behavior.

With the help of Shri Rama, we can achieve our goal in a very simple way. Whether it's setting up a business, higher education, improving relationships, or stabilizing the mind, it helps to achieve the goal. Participate in this initiative and make a difference in your life. For more information contact - 7798573465.

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