About Harmony Vastu And Holistic Healing

"Energy is everywhere"-this is what is taught by science. "Energy analysis" is a technique through which the negative energy in/around the business area/office is sensed, analyzed and removed by using various methods and is replaced with positive energy which leads to increasing the success rate of the business.

Experience: Conduct classes of yoga , suryanamaskar ,pranayam since last 2 years.

Training Programs : Conduct trainings on Meditation(basic & advance) ,Omkar therapy, pranayam, gratitude, positive thinking, confidence boosting, angel miracle, ho-o-ponopono (Hawaiian technique),water therapy, etc in Pune since last 3 years.

Meditation : Practicing meditation since last 15 years. Interest for meditation led to completing courses like Bramha Vidya, Art of Living.
"Meditation Advance" is a specially self designed course which include 6 types of meditations along with topics like negative & positive energy, gratitude.

Energy Consultancy : Been in this field since last 3 years(in and outside of Pune) Due to many reasons,negativity get created in place like Business plots,company,offices,houses which brings about blockage in success/prosperity. Techniques like Dowsing, meditation, pranik healing are used to scan and cleanse this negativity. And using techniques like Omkar therapy, water therapy, angel therapy the positive results are brought about to make the business successfull.

Other Techniques : Using techniques like ho-o-ponopono (Hawaiian technique), pranik healing, water therapy, angel therapy , tarrot cards many problems physical as well as mental illness, problems at home/business, job problems, etc are solved.

What our client says

Done factory energy analysis.We got huge diffrence by donig it.Our factory output increased by three fold.

-Swanandi / Director of C S P L

Energy is must.thank you mam for visiting our office and let us get the feel of positivity.

-Anand / Director of Anand and Co.

Nice Workshop ! Thank you Mam !

-Prerana Pathak / Student